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Artist: Christoph Clasen

by Sezgin Güven

Christoph worked for our publishing house on the following game:




  • Rotundo (published at 2005) at Adlung Spiele
  • Cartagena 1- Flucht aus der Festung (2006) at Winning Moves
  • Cartagena 2-Das Piratennest (2006) atWinning Moves
  • Kikerikimäh (2011) atAdlung Spiele

Christoph Clasen

Born in 1974. After studying illustration and getting his degree 2002 in Hamburg, he started his own business.
He works as a freelance illustrator in his studio in Hamburg. In addition to the illustration of children’s books and youth books, the design of games is another field of work in which he is active. He is a member of the illustrator organization IO.

Atelier Hasselbrook
Hasselbrookstraße 52
22089 Hamburg

Tel.: 040/ 29 82 28 49

Christoph Clasen

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