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Author: Rene Bongartz

by Sezgin Güven

Rene Bongartz has worked for our publishing company on the following games:

Author of the game
Inventor of the 3-part pawns


René Bongartz – born 1969

“Actually, I am a finder of ideas and not a game author,” says the inventor of the 3-piece pawn. So it was, when the Mücke publishing house called for a game figure to be invented. It took ten minutes and the idea was born. “Give me a request and I’m sure something will come up,” René Bongartz groans and smiles mischievously. This is the way to think about it, to flip it around, to look at it from all sides and understand strategies, it is also what fascinates him in games. “A good game has a simple structure, a brief guide, and invites the player again and again to search for a strategy.” Chess? “Yes, something like that.” And the modern board games? “Bore me, if I am given certain patterns of thinking”.

And what’s next? “Unfortunately, I can not say today what will happen again tomorrow. It’s gonna be something.” A game? “There are still a few ideas I have in the back of my head”.

René Bongartz

René Bongartz is a learned typesetter and studied rhetoric, psychology and political science in Tübingen. Before he graduated, he became self-employed. Today the stock of 700 motorcycle dealers feeds his small family.

René Bongartz

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