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Game Mechanics: Urknall

by Sezgin Güven

The following are a few explanations on the game mechanics of Urknall:

Target Group

The game is for both avid gamers and casual players. The rules are not complex, although one must have understood the basic methods of scoring.

Course of Game / Suspense / Complexity

Up to the middle of the game, the players have enough space on the celestial bodies. After that, the choices become less and it becomes more important to occupy the right places. Time also to use the Meteor (special move). Also during this period, the first separations of celestial bodies caused by gravitation occur, which the players can use for themselves or against the other players. Since the game is decided by a score at the end, the result is an increase in tension towards the end.


The playing time is about 20 minutes.

Motivation / Emotions / Psychology

In the first game of Urknall the players will learn in the course of the game what they really have to look out for. Anyone who already knows the game will avoid the typical mistakes of the first game.

Core Elements / Mechanisms

The core mechanism of the game is the scoring of the celestial bodies. The number of elements on a celestial body decides how the asset markers there are to be evaluated. There is no security for players – the gravitation leads to permanent changes in the composition of the celestial bodies.

Strategy & Randomness

The random aspect certainly lies in the gravitation, which is controlled by a die roll. Thus, it is decided whether one can connect or divide the celestial body.

Look and Feel

The components are the basis for the edition runners, the second game author competition of www.spielmaterial.de

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