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Author: Kalle Malmioja

by Sezgin Güven

Kalle Maloja has worked for our publishing house on the following games:

Author of the game

councils & contracts

Kalle Malmioja

As an avid boardgamer Kalle Malmioja plays different kind of games whenever he can. Heavy euro games with the worker placement mechanism see a lot playtime with fellow gaming group. Those euro game flavors can be also seen in his first published design “Councils & Contracts” but with the addition that Kalle can play the game with his non-gamer wife.
Kalle lives happily in the middle of Finland, Kuopio, where he delights his fellow board gamers with new board game prototypes nearly every week. As of now he works as a PhD student in the field of medicinal chemistry and will complete his doctorate in the near future.

Kalle Malmioja

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