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Rules: Adios Calavera

by Sezgin Güven

Tactics game for 2-3 players…


Each player takes the tokens of one color, distributes them to their starting fields as they wish and receives an overview of the special abilities of their figures. He chooses 4 figures with any abilities by placing these discs face up.

Game goal and ending

One player takes on the role of the dead, the other the role of the living. The first player to get their pawns to the finish wins the game. Basically, the following applies:

– A figure has as many movement points as there are figures on the line on which it is orthogonal (i.e. at right angles) to the main direction in the direction of its target: both its own and opponent’s, including the moved figure itself. But you don’t have to have all yours Use movement points.

– The pieces always move in straight lines, not diagonally. 90° rotations are permitted – even multiple times. Pieces can be moved forward, sideways or backwards.

– The field with the candles (in the middle) may not be entered or crossed through. The spaces with the cloth may be crossed, but the move may not end there.

– There may only be one figure per field.

– Other stones cannot be skipped, neither your own nor generic ones.

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