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Extension: Supernova Rules

by Sezgin Güven

Hier finden Sie die Erweiterungsregel zu Supernova


The Supernova brings additional uncertainty into the game. If a HK goes supernova, the ownership of it is lost and it is played again.

How does it work? – A supernova is triggered when a player cannot unite or separate with his roll. Then he places the supernova on a HK without astronauts. All the possession markers there go back to the players, i.e. the distribution of possession for this HK is completely replayed.

If, in the further course of the game, a player can neither unite nor separate with his roll, a new supernova is triggered if all elements of the previous supernova are occupied. The supernova must then be moved to another HK.

Scoring of the supernova: At the end, each possession marker brings as many points as there are elements of the colour. I.e. the element colours with a high occurrence are rewarded here.

There is no majority score, but each possession marker scores points. When it is your turn and you have no more possession markers in your supply, you sit out. The game ends when everyone has placed their possession markers.

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