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Rules: Urknall

by Sezgin Güven

You can download the complete rules as PDF from here

The players travel with their astronauts from heavenly body to heavenly body and take ownership of free elements there with their markers. The players go around taking tursn, all the players have placed their asset markers. A turn consists of the following three actions:

Sie und Ihr Mitspieler führen abwechselnd jeweils einen Spielzug aus. Wenn Sie am Zug sind,

  1. Rolling the dice
  2. Traveling
  3. Changing the Celestial Bodies

Depending on the die roll, you later unite or separate celestial bodies in the third action, but first you travel with your astronaut to another celestial body. The starting and target celestial bodies must have at least one double color element. On the target body, the player then marks a free element with an asset marker from the supply.

Then gravitation has its effect: depending on the rolled number one now separates or combines celestial bodies. If the result is higher than the sum of the two smallest celestial bodies, one can combine. It is only possible to separate with a 1 or 2 and if there are no more small heavenly bodies.

By unifying or separating, the ownership conditions on the celestial bodies change, which are scored one after the other at the end of the game. The following rules apply:

  • One element: The asset marker is worth as many points as there are elements of a different color on the celestial body. For example, an asset marker on a single blue element on a six-part celestial body is worth 5 points
  • Exactly two elements: The corresponding marker yields 2 points. These points are obtained for each ownership marker, which is located at an element that is present exactly twice on a celestial body.
  • More than two  elements: Here only the player with the majority of the asset markers will get points on these elements. He gets as many points (not per asset marker), as there are elements of the corresponding color on the celestial body.

The player with the most points wins.

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