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1-100 Math Game

by Sezgin Güven

1-100 Math Game
You should know how to calculate

1-100 Math Game

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Rules: Each player should have a pencil in his own color. Define a starting player. The active player rolls the dice and has to combine all 5 dice using the basic arithmetic methods (addition / subtraction / multiplication / division) to reach a number that has not been calculated by any other player before. He then can mark this number (e.g. circle, cross out, box ). The player can, but does not have to, use all types of calculations methods. He can e.g. use only addition or e.g. once addition, once subtraction and twice multiplication. He can use brackets to work with the dot-before-dash calculation. Only whole numbers are allowed in the calculation process.

End of game: The players play alternately. The game ends as soon as the numbers in 3 rows or columns (or a combination thereof) are circled.

Valuation: The rows and the columns then are evaluated one after the other:
– Whoever has the majority in a row receives 5 points
– Whoever has the majority in a row where the numbers are completely circled/marked receives 10 points
– If several players have circled the same amount of numbers, nobody gets points.

The backside shows the game Knüller, which also can be played. See www.spielmaterial.de/wuerfelspiele

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