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Author: Bernhard Weber

by Sezgin Güven

Bernhard Weber has worked on the following games in our publishing house:

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Schwarzes Gold

Bernhard Weber

Even the box is like a treasure chest. The lid is opened with curiosity: is the content overwhelming at first glance or is a diamond in the rough waiting for me that only unfolds its sparkle in the game? Is it already fun to look at the different materials, pick them up and let them slide through your fingers? Is the guide like a good treasure map that precisely shows the way to the starting point, or does the adventure involuntarily start before the game?

During my studies I rediscovered playing – as an adult. Playing as a matter of course and as a child’s necessity lay hidden and was now being revived. Immerse yourself in exciting worlds without unpleasant side effects.

In my geography studies I also dealt with questions of urban planning. These, together with the joy of the game and my penchant for tinkering, provided the inspiration to develop a game.

What a pleasure it was to look out for materials that might be suitable for my purposes! Snaps served as a mechanism for turntables, I was able to precisely cut frames out of soft foam rubber and tile spacers served as limitations to prevent slipping on the game board.

Of course, it motivated me that I won 1st place with this game in 1996 in the game authors’ competition, which was unique in the German-speaking world at the time, and the game was soon published.

Bernhard Weber

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