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Making of: Takamatsu

by Sezgin Güven

The game was submitted by the author under the name Fadua’s Wedding. The approach largely corresponded to the final game.

The clever Ismail Ben Nafi, Caid (tribal chief) of the Chleuh Berbers who live on the northern edge of the Sahara, is concerned with two problems. For his daughter Fadua he is looking for a lovable and intelligent man who has both feet in life. The other problem lies with the predatory Glaoua roaming around again. You have to be prepared for attacks by these unloved neighbors.

Since several Caids from the neighboring Berber clans would like to have his daughter as their wife, Ismail holds a competition. Of course, every Caid (large token) appeared in person and brought some guards (small tokens) with them. In the competition now taking place, each tribal chief directs the guards through the rooms of Ismail Ben Nafi’s Kasbah. If the Caid does it cleverly, the guards can collect some gold pieces for their prince when they return to their room. The first person to produce 20 gold pieces can take Fadua as his wife.

Ismail Ben Nafi knows that only those who know how to direct their people skillfully and master difficult situations, who keep an overview and can bluff, can win. This way his daughter will surely get the right man. And as long as the competition lasts and there are many guests, his Kasbah is safe from the Glaoua. But hopefully, Ismail Ben Nafi thinks, these robbers won’t attack his future son-in-law’s property in the meantime.

The plan shows the floor plan of a Kasbah, a Moroccan residential castle. Here various tribal chiefs (players) send their people through this kasbah from the inner courtyard.

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