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Rules: Chess Me

by Sezgin Güven

You can download the complete rules as PDF from here

Schachen (Chess Me) plays like chess without a board. The chess pieces are slightly modified and allow new strategies without giving up the core of chess. As in chess it is about checkmating the opposing king. to threaten him so that he can no longer carry out a valid move.

You and your other players alternate taking turns. When you it is your turn,

  • you must first move one of your pieces (mandatory!)
  • and may then use a tile from you hand, i.e. bring it into play as a piece (and draw a new tile into your hand).

Aktion Ziehen:

You draw your figures according to the rules of chess, using an imaginary grid of square fields, which is not limited on any side.

  • You can always move a piece to a space when you capture an opponent’s piece.
  • Otherwise, you may only move to a space that is horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent to an (own or opposing) piece.
  • You may move the King only to the left, right or forward. When you capture a piece, you can move it to any adjacent space.
  • If your king is threatened (check), you must remove him from check by moving him now. If not, you will lose through check mate.

Place Piece:

  • You may only place a pawn on a free space to the right or left of your own pawn.
  • Other figures must be placed on a free space directly behind their own pawn.

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