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Hai Noon: Actioncards

by Sezgin Güven


Sharks always swim in a clockwise direction. Divers swim clockwise and counterclockwise (not diagonally). The action of the played card must be executed. The actions of the cards are executed before a possible shark attack is triggered.

Diver swims on

Your own diver swims to an adjacent square (not diagonally). The other diver is moved to the starting position of the active diver.

Harpoon/ Cage:

The cage must be placed on any diver. If the cage is already on a diver, it must be placed on another diver. In a shark attack involving a diver with a cage, the cage is destroyed and comes back next to the field. Nothing happens to the diver, but the shark remains hungry (red).
The harpoon may only be placed in response to a shark attack by the affected player (s). However, the harpoon may only be placed on the side from which the shark attack takes place. The usual placing rules apply. Nothing happens to the diver, but the shark remains hungry (red). A diver with a cage may use a harpoon. The shark is repelled, the cage remains intact.

Shark continues to swim:

Any shark exchanges with an adjacent shark

Shark turn over

You have to turn over any shark.

All sharks continue swimming:

Each shark floats one place clockwise.


If you play the card camouflage, the diver is immune to shark attacks until the beginning of his next turn. The diver card will be removed from the display until the player’s next turn. If more than one place should be free when reinserting (multiple concurrent disguises), the player may freely choose the place of insertion.


Can be lay to any row.

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