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Rules: Hai Noon

by Sezgin Güven

Players: 4
Scroll down for Variants, 2 and 3 Players deviations

End of the Game:

The diver who was first bitten twice loses the game. All other divers and of course the sharks win.

How to play:

Beginning with the starting player, each player completes the phases 1.) and 2.) until the end of the game.

  1. Play Card
  2. Draw Card

1. Play Card

The active player must place an action card from his hand on one of the four sides of the board and then perform the specified action (see ACTIONCARDS). The following rules apply to the placing:

  • If there are no cards placed (i.g. at game start), the card may be placed on any side. The color of the card then specifies the color that must continue to be placed there. Other colors may not be placed there.
  • There is color constraint. If you want to play a card whose color is already on one of the four sides of the board, you have to place that card there.
  • At each of the four sides of the playing field a different card color must be placed.
  • There must never be more than three cards on one side. If the third card is played to one side, a shark attack occurs after the action (see “Shark attack”).
  • In the first round, if possible, each player must place on a side where there is no card yet.
  • In rare cases it can happen that a player has no cards in his hand when it is his turn. Then he only performs phase two.
The player wants to place a red “cage/harpoon” card. Green is on the left, but there is nothing on the top and right. He has to put the card on the bottom because it’s already red.

2. Draw Card

The active player draws cards from the draw pile until he holds three again. If the draw pile is used up, the discard pile is shuffled and laid out as a new draw pile. Then the next player clockwise is the turn.

Shark Attack

If three cards are on one of the four sides of the board after playing a card, a shark attack may occur after the action. The three action cards are placed on the discard pile next to the draw pile. The two sharks of this site, which are adjacent to the divers, become active.

If it is a full eaten shark (blue/ toothpick), this is turned on the hungry side (red/ cutlery).

If it is a hungry shark (red/ cutlery), there is a shark attack. The shark attacks the adjacent diver, who is then turned to the back (injured). The shark is turned to the full eaten-side. If the diver is already on the back, the game ends after this attack (see GAME END).

Basically: A shark is turned after a shark attack only on the full eaten-side, if he has actually caught a diver, so his card was turned over. If the attack is unsuccessful for any reason (harpoon, cage, camouflage, dummy on 3 players), the shark remains hungry.

Game End:

As soon as a diver lying on his backside falls victim to a shark attack again, the game ends. This diver represents the prey of the sharks. All surviving divers have won. In rare cases, there can be two losers.

Rules for less than 4 players

Deviations for 2 players

Each player gets two divers. These must lie diagonally adjacent to the grid. With the actions “Cage/ Harpoon” and “Diver continues to swim”, the player is free to choose with which of his two divers he acts.
If both divers of a player are attacked simultaneously, the attacked player selects one of the two who defends himself with a valid speargun. The second diver can not defend himself.

The game ends immediately when the first diver becomes prey. The player who still has both divers wins.

Deviations for 3 players

Each player gets one diver. The fourth player card is placed upside down and acts as a dummy. This “dummy” is considered permanently disguised. So he can not be hurt and does not satisfy a shark after an attack.


Long Game:

All sharks start in the basic position on the full-eaten side (blue).

Short Game:

All sharks start in the basic position on the hungry side (red).

Last Diver Swimming:

If a diver is attacked for the second time, he is eliminated. Eliminated divers are placed upside down and act as a dummy. The other players play with the dummy rules of the 3-player game until only one diver remains.

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