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Rules: Ghawar

by Sezgin Güven

Finalist of the author competition 2009 (tactical game)

The game takes place in two phases. In the first phase, players build their drilling rigs. In the second phase, the mineral resources are extracted. The 36 drilling platforms are laid out in a 6*6 field so that trucks can drive between the platforms. The 36 colored blocks are distributed randomly across the drilling platforms. Depending on the number of players, players receive 14 (2 players), 10 (3 players) or 8 (4 players) drilling rigs. The value board can be filled with any 6 different colored blocks. Each player receives the drilling rigs and trucks in their color and 3 oil barrels.

Phase 1:
Two dice are rolled. A drilling tower is placed on the corresponding field if this field is still free. This phase ends as soon as a player has no more drilling rigs (this round is still played to the end). Drilling rigs that are not used are removed from the game.

Phase 2:
In the second phase, the trucks are moved across the field. A die is rolled and the car moves accordingly. Every intersection and every space counts as one field. You are allowed to turn at every intersection, but you cannot simply reverse. The trucks block each other (i.e. overtaking is not possible). The dice result must always be fully extended. If the truck lands at the end of its turn next to a field with a drilling rig and mineral treasure, the mineral treasure can be extracted. If it is your own drilling rig, the extraction costs nothing. If, on the other hand, it is a foreign drilling rig, the goods cost the value on the value board (see later). The money goes to the owner of the rig.

Mineral resources that do not have a drilling rig cannot be mined. A truck can only load one item of goods and then has to go to the warehouse before it can load again. As soon as a truck leaves the playing field on its owner’s side, it is automatically in the warehouse. From this side, he then starts anywhere on the playing field.


Instead of moving with a truck, a player can also move his drilling rig to any free space.


The game ends as soon as there are no more mineral resources on the game board. Each player is then paid the value of their mineral resources. For every color in which

If a player has a clear majority, that player receives a bonus equal to the value of the color. The player with the m

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