• Finita is a print-n-play variant of the card game Finita. You can find the rules of the game as well as the printable version on this page. The deck consists of 120 cards. If you are interested in printing the game on real blank cards, you will need 4 packs of our blank playing cards.

  • The Würfelakrobat is about who finds a suitable calculation path the fastest after rolling the dice.

    The sum of two dark cubes forms the target value, which must be calculated with the light cubes. The basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are allowed.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    The samurai train their mental strength by filling columns and/or rows of bamboo sticks with numbers to trigger point scores.

    Bamboo is a dice game in which players must first collect symbols to be thrown before they can enter them in the scoring table. If a player succeeds in filling a row or column, then this row is scored by ALL players.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    The players have to move their cat from the starting field to the target field and walk around their territory.

    Catwalk is a dice game in which the players have to walk along their territory. According to the result of the dice, you can move to fields in the territory and thus get closer to the goal. The player who does this first wins.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    Conquista is a dice game in which the players conquer countries with the help of the right combination of dice. It is also possible to take over territories that have already been occupied, although this is more difficult. The winner is the player who takes over the most valuable lands overall.

  • Mini Games

    Dice Poker

    by Sezgin Güven

    Playing poker with the dice. The players take turns rolling the dice and try to get results like in poker. Points are awarded depending on the result.

  • Mini Games

    Dracula Dice

    by Sezgin Güven

    he players act as vampires who want to collect as much blood as possible.

    Players can only collect points by rolling blood drops, but it is also possible to snatch blood from the others. The game ends as soon as a player has reached 50 points.

  • Mini Games

    En Garde

    by Sezgin Güven

    Life is unfair – so is this game…

    Each player is 3x attacker (red dice) and 3x defender (blue dice). On the dice there are sword symbols for attack and shield symbols for defence. Blue has more dice than red – yes, unfair…

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    The players try to be the first to reach the top of Mount Everest. To do this, they need equipment and help, as well as good weather.

    The players roll the dice for the necessary equipment each turn in order to then continue up the mountain. They don’t always succeed, but one will make it before the others…

  • Form words and the best letter concatenations.

    The players roll letters and try to turn these letters into words. Points are awarded according to length and complexity. However, the players must also find a word each round with which they can form a sentence after 5 rounds – because this is the only way to win the game.

  • A new king is appointed. But who will it be? Am I backing the right one? The winner is the player who bets on the right aspirant.

    The players roll the dice and according to the result either put the aspirants forward towards the throne or increase their support – you can’t do both and since you can only win with a lot of support for the aspirant who will also become king, you have to be a bit tactical…

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    Fend off the mosquitoes…

    The players roll the dice. Whoever has mosquitoes is bitten, whoever has a swat can ward off mosquitoes. You can still modify your result. The game ends as soon as a player has received 10 mosquito bites.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    As pirates, the players try to prevent losing all their gold, because everyone wants to get their hands on the shiny metal.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    Be the first player to find 4 identical gems.

    The players roll the dice and advance in the treasure chamber. But you can only score points if you find the right gems.

  • Mini Games


    by Sezgin Güven

    The players try to find as many bears as possible in their forest.
    The dice are rolled and depending on the symbols achieved, you can either find bears or only encounter useless trees.

  • Players use the dice cup to throw the game bits. There are two types: The ducks and cultists. Depending on how the figures land on the table, the players receive points or lose/win cultists. The first player with 13 points wins the game

  • Rules: Each player should have a pencil in his own color. Define a starting player. The active player rolls the dice and has to combine all 5 dice using the basic arithmetic methods (addition / subtraction / multiplication / division) to reach a number that has not been calculated by any other player before.

  • Hai Noon is a card driven game, where the players are divers trying to avoid to get attacked by the surrounding sharks. Both, the divers and sharks are represented by doublesided tiles that form the play area.

  • Six animal species are crisscrossing the Australian outback. To control where they’re going, players lay down tiles one at a time onto the 5 x 5 grid, claim ownership of different “trails,” and change things around with the Action tiles.

  • In the card game Keine lahmen Agamen, the players collect “Agames” featuring different values. The players score when they manage to collect a row of agames cards with ascending values and – even better – in the same colors.

  • For the fulfilment of the Red Pyramid, Pharaoh Snofru orders the construction of an avenue and the filling of the grave chambers. In this complex strategy game, the players – acting as princes – use their limited influence to become the grand vizier.

  • 2-4 museums of natural history are in competition about the most valuable exhibitions of dinosaur fossils and gems. The managers of the museums send their staff to start new excavations to find valuables that will fit into their collection.

  • Babylon Tower Builders is an abstract, 3D strategy game. Players take turns building a common structure. The object for each player is to position their nobles to score the most points at game’s end, with players scoring based on having a majority of nobles per level.

  • Welcome to 1950s USA — the era of huge cars, rock ‘n’ roll, and alien activity! To prevent a mass panic, the President has ordered his generals to store all evidence of the existence of aliens.

  • Excitement in the capital: Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu wants to assign the Han of Takamatsu in a challenge. The competing Daimyos direct their Samurai through the palace following some simple rules and quickly see that they can use the Samurai of the other Daimyos for their purposes. An exciting interwoven competition – with unexpected surpises.

  • The highest decision-making organ in a city is the City Council, which lays down the general operative and financial outlines for a city and decides on its main objectives. The true power, however, is a little further down the hierarchy in the different councils working under the City Council.

  • In Lunte, signed from a 2012/2013 game author’s competition, the fuse is burning. Players take turns quickly adding more fuse cards to a continuously growing fuse until someone lets the bomb explode by playing one of his bomb cards, thereby earning him all of the fuse cards in play.

  • In Manhattan TraffIQ, two to four players compete on the streets of Manhattan for the most lucrative routes transporting people and goods. To do this, players place their trucks and taxis on a gradually growing city map. At the end of the game, they must have as many vehicles on the roads as possible…

  • It’s soccer time again, and the teams are ready for the match; whether playing on a grass field or clay court, it’s all the same to them.
    Everybody wants to win the fast-playing soccer game Schnipp Es!, but to do so you need the right feel in your fingertips because you need to snap your figures in just the right way so that the ball will land in the opponent’s goal

  • The Landshut water management agency had developed a game that takes local ecological characteristics into account. www.spielmaterial.de was commissioned with the implementation of the game.

  • Global Warming is a tactical, card-driven game in which players score “happiness points” by providing goods to the public. Cards played can be either national industries, consumer goods, green technologies, or events; played industries require the roll of dice to determine pollution output. Collect enough happiness points and you win.

  • Ghawar, located in Saudi Arabia, is the world’s biggest oil field. Set to this background the players represent members of the royal family and try to locate good sites for new oil wells, find and deliver the different oil qualities and ship them to their base camps.

  • The Big Bang: emerging from nothing, matter explodes into being and over time unites into celestial bodies composed of different elements – with everybody trying to secure as much of those elements as possible.

  • Schachen is a chess variant without a game board, which creates the fascination of a chess game in a compact way. Without long openings, the players enter directly into confrontation. The original rules of Chess are simplified/expanded by a few additional rules.

  • In Namibia, players represent mining corporations who are looking to mine commodities – diamonds, gold, silver and copper – and attempt to transport them to ports to sell at the highest possible price. In order to achieve their aims, players have to bribe (via an auction) colonial government officials who control access to the interior and to the ports.

  • 1901: Welcome to Spindletop Hill, birthplace of the modern oil industry. The first sources of oil already have been found and all adventures head for Texas to find their fortune. However, the sources are limited. Who will find the right places to set up their oil rigs and produce the most oil?

  • In this complex strategic optimization game about the forestry back in the 19th century, 2-4 entrepreneurs try to optimize their small wood production company starting with just 4 dollars and a mill worker.

  • Palm Beach Island Resort is a tactical game for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up. By placing fields with the infrastructures needed on the island, a tourist island, which is visited by guests from all over the world, is created during the course of the game.

  • Mücke Spiele was started in 2000. Until 2008, only games by Harald Mücke were published, each created in small print runs. The most successful games from this time are “Laß die Kirche ins Dorf” and “Christmas Penguins”, both games that are still available today.

  • “Ahoi!” Is a strategy game for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, where in the course of the game you build channels to mark the lands to be distributed by the princes. The goal of the game is to secure as many and as valuable landees as possible. The game works with pins and threads so that each game runs completely differently.

  • In addition to an extensive selection of individual materials and accessories (pawns, dice, hourglasses, maps, boxes, stands, bags, pawns, counters, play money, etc.) we also offer very individual solutions (special game pieces, creating playing cards, game boards, dice with private overprint etc.). The customer structure is accordingly diverse.

  • Starting from their home planet 2-4 races explore the Galaxy rolling dice.
    Landing on a strange planets has its dangers, though it can also be suprisingly helpful. In every case there are resources – the so-called “Nuts” to be collected that are needed to build ships, found colonies and gain technological advantages.

  • While strolling to school one day with friends, you suddenly notice all around you – on the roads and paths, in the shrubs, everywhere really – debris of all kinds, and not worthless debris either but cans and bottles with deposits on them. “Hey,” says one friend, “let’s see who can find and dispose of the most empties.”

  • Area 51

    Contens: Area 51

    by Sezgin Güven

    Material im Spiel:
    3 street bends, 1 triangular central piece
    3 double-sided game board pieces
    104 alien artifact cards and 6 reference cards
    6 game pieces in 6 colors (1 scoring marker and 5 tower cards)
    60 security tokens
    Number markers for trucks/trains
    20 storage towers (5 each in 4 colors)
    4 trucks and 4 trains

  • Area 51 is a card-driven strategy game. What is unusual and interesting in terms of gameplay is the multiple functions of the cards and the fact that activating a set of cards always leads to points for the other players. This creates a bit of a dilemma for the active player.

  • Lignum

    Making of: Lignum

    by Sezgin Güven

    The author approached us back in 2010 because the game is part of the Runner edition, i.e. it was part of the author competition that was held at the time. However, due to the complexity and also the high costs of implementation, it took another 5 years until the game was released. The optimization process required many rounds of play and adjustments. The financing was ultimately achieved through crowdfunding at the Spieleschmiede. Also not insignificant was the fact that there were two graphic designers working on the game.

  • Lignum

    Expansion: Lignum

    by Sezgin Güven

    A mini expansion for Lignum that consists of 1 wooden disk in each player’s color and a special rules supplement. This expansion allows for more accurate planning.

  • Lignum is a demanding, multi-player product that leads from a basic game to advanced and expert play. The author sets it up for two to four timber contractors in the 19th century. With just four thalers, one lumber yard worker and one forestry worker, everyone has to make their lumber yard economically viable in two years.

  • The clever Ismail Ben Nafi, Caid (tribal chief) of the Chleuh Berbers who live on the northern edge of the Sahara, is concerned with two problems. For his daughter Fadua he is looking for a lovable and intelligent man who has both feet in life. The other problem lies with the predatory Glaoua roaming around again. You have to be prepared for attacks by these unloved neighbors.

  • Takamatsu

    FAQ: Takamatsu

    by Sezgin Güven

    When taking foreign samurai with you, the following applies: If samurai of several colors are in the room, you have to take at least one other color with you. With 2 players this means: If one of the other player’s samurai is in the room, he has priority.

  • Atacama

    Expansions: Atacama

    by Sezgin Güven

    Additional game pieces are added that can be placed as markers on the drilling rigs. These mark particularly productive mining sites, i.e. these marked towers count twice (both negatively and positively) at the end of the game.

  • Atacama is a 2-player tactical game with no chance involved. While one player optimizes in rows, an opponent does so in columns. Each player has one resource that counts positively for him and one that counts negatively. Since this is the different raw material for each player, strong influences arise from the actions of the other player.