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Mücke Spiele: The publisher

by Sezgin Güven

Mücke Spiele – a trademark of


Mücke Spiele was started in 2000. Until 2008, only games by Harald Mücke were published, each created in small print runs. The most successful games from this time are “Laß die Kirche ins Dorf” and “Christmas Penguins”, both games that are still available today. “Laß die Kirche ins Dorf” reached the nomination to the selection list at the game author’s competition 2002 of the Hippodice games club. With print runs, it was also possible to produce even unusual games that were hardly mass-market suitable because of their choice of materials, such as “Ahoy – The land reform” (using a board make of cork, cotton threads and tacks).

End of 2008, a transformation of Mücke Spiele took place whereby it became a complete game publisher. For the first time the game by another author was published with an initial print run of 1,000 games. “Schwarzes Gold” is one of the two winning titles from a game designer competition by www.spielmaterial.de and was developed by Bernhard Weber, an “old hands” of the gaming industry.

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