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News & Reviews: Lunte

by Sezgin Güven

Here you will find all the contributions, reviews, videos and information about Lunte published by external sites, magazines and newspapers.

Review at brettspielpoesie.de
Review at brettspielpoesie.de

The web site “Brettspielpoesie” wrote a review on Lunte (in German). You can find it here.

review at reich-der-spiele.de
review at reich-der-spiele.de

The web portal “Reich der Spiele” wrote a review on the game (in German). You can it here.

Niersradio reported in “Blickpunkt MG” in December 2014 about the new games in the publishing house Mücke Spiele; Hereafter the report for the game “Lunte”

report at niersradio

At the SPIEL 2014 in Essen, two promo cards were offered, which are still available in the shop.

 Lunte - additional card fire-extinguisher
Lunte – additional card fire-extinguisher

Additonal card for the game; value 10 points

Lunte - additional card match
Lunte – additional card match

Additional card for the game Lunte, which can be played (out off sequence) immediately after a defuse card is played, thus reactivating the fuse (the cards are no longer discarded).

The web site Het Geel Pionneke hat published a review of the game in Dutch:

Review at hetgeelpionneke

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