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News & Reviews: Babylon Tower Builders

by Sezgin Güven

Here you will find all the contributions, reviews, videos and information about Babylon Tower Builders published by external sites, magazines and newspapers.

An “Unboxing” article on the game was published on the following Italian game magazine website:

unboxing by ilsa-magazine.it

A review of Babylon Tower Builders was published on the issue no. 45 of ILSA, the same Italian game magazine, which can be downloaded from this page:

Review at ilsa-magazine.it

A translation of the last 2 paragraphs:

BTB is a three-dimensional abstract game of construction and blocking. It is entirely deterministic. It requires skill in 3-dimensional thinking and thus is naturally prone to analysis paralysis and positioning in turn order. The scoring system, combined with the possibility of exchanging the positions of the nobles, makes gameplay quite interesting, but further sensitizes the game to these problems. Given the quality of the materials used, a scenic effect is guaranteed at the end of the game.

The real-time version is a nice change, making it into a really hectic party game.

Here is a review of the game in German from the gaming website spielkult.de:


The Dutch gaming website rollthedice.nl published a review of the game (in Dutch):


review at angespielt.de
review at angespielt.de

The German gaming website angespielt.de has published a review of the game (in German):

review at  reich-der-spiele.de
review at reich-der-spiele.de

Here is a review by the German website Reich-der-Spiele:

The Catholic radio station domradio.de broadcast an interview of the author on the background of the game. Here is a recording on the interview (from 26.10.17):

Interview at Domradio.DE

The website www.vindjeu.eu has published the following review of the game (in French):

review at vindjeu.eu

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