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Game Mechanics: AstroNuts

by Sezgin Güven

Here are a few notes to the game mechanics in AstroNuts:

Target Group

The game is intended for casual gamers and families. The rules are not complex.

Game play / Tension / Complexity

At the beginning of the game the players have free choice in the colonization of their planets and will visit the nearby ones. As the game progresses, players come into contact with each other with their spaceships or on the planets and there is some first combat. Toward the end, the players will specifically target players to do damage and take over their colonies.


The game time is about 45 minutes.

Game Motivation / Emotions / Psychology

In this little game the conflict, the annoyance factor is the focus.

Core Elements / Mechanisms

The dice is an essential element of the game here. It controls actions and events. This is superimposed by a poker aspect of die rolling by quasie betting on a result and get rewarded accordingly with additional possibilities for actions or not.

Strategy & Randomness

The random aspect is certainly the dice results and is intended in this game.

Look and Feel

Astronauts use pawns of the game “Nautilus” by Kosmos, which find use as a modern form of recycling. The are a perfect fit for the theme here though.

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