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Rules: Lunte

by Sezgin Güven

You can download the complete rules as PDF from here


Each player receives 2 bomb cards, which he places in front of him face up. Remaining bomb cards will not be used – when playing with two players, each player receives 3 bomb cards. The fuse cards are shuffled and then 5 of them given to each player face down. Also the defuse cards are shuffled and each player receives 2 cards face down. Now as many defuse cards as player take part are added to the deck of fuse cards and this deck then is shuffled. Excess defuse cards are not needed. From this deck, 30 cards are taken and the time bomb card is shuffled into these to form a deck which is placed  under the remaining pile of fuse cards. The stack is to be placed somewhere on the table, away from the middle but accessible to all players.

The last person to have lit a match goes first.

How to Play

The starting player plays a fuse card from his hand onto the fuse on the match card; then the player to the left quickly (as Fuse is a fast game) adds another card, and so on, each player playing in succession. Cards must be placed so that the fuse end at the bottom of the card being played overlaps the end of the fuse on the previous fuse card played (see Illustration).

Since the point values are determined by the length of the fuse on each card, it is not necessary to position a card in such a way that the value on the previous card remains visible. Each player draws a card from the deck immediately after he plays a fuse card. Each player has always 7 cards on his hand. In case a player after playing a card has forgotten to fill his hand again, he can do so anytime. At the end of the game, each player must have 7 cards on his hand or refill in that moment.

Play continues until a player plays a bomb card or a defuse card, or until the game-ending time bomb is drawn.

Bomb Cards

When the players use  one of your bomb cards, they throw it on top of the last fuse card; play is immediately suspendedThe player takes all the fuse cards (not the match card) as well as any defuse cards lying next to the match card (see “Defuse Cards”). The cards received stay in front of the player for later scoring, turning the bomb card face down on top of the pile. Players should always be able to see how many bombs are left. When you play a bomb card, you do not draw another card. Then the ext player (to your left) begins a new round by placing a fuse card on the match card.

End of the Game and Scoring

As soon as all the players’ bombs have been used or the time bomb card has been drawn, the game is over immediately. The players count their points on the fuse and defuse cards acquired, and subtract the points on the fuse cards they still hold in their hand (any defuse cards remaining in hand does not count against, nor do the bomb cards). The player with the most points wins the game. In the rare case of a tie, the player with the lowest point total for his scored defuse cards is the winner.

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