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Game Mechanics: Dreck weg!

by Sezgin Güven

Here are a few notes to the game mechanics in Dreck weg!:

Target Group

The game turns with its basic theme here primarily intended for children 6 years and older and families. The game is about the problem of pollution in an urban environment, and points out the spring cleaning actions that indeed take place in many cities.

Course of the Game / Suspense / Complexity

After the setup phase, the game begins with the players quickly cleaning from their starting position to the nearby areas with many to be collected stones. The carrying capacity is then quickly exhausted and the players go to the supermarket to redeem bottles for the first time.
According to the course of the game only more distant and less attractive fields are now available and the players try out other ways (additional actions, savings accounts) to get points.


The game time is about 30-40 minutes in a 4 player game.

Motivation / Emotions / Psychology

The thematic idea is to learn subconsciously. The game encourages you as soon as possible – before the others – to get to certain fields and convert trash into treasure. Whether this work out as the players imagine that also depends on the luck of the dice.

Core Elements / Mechanisms

Der Umweltgedanke steht bei diesem Spiel im Vordergrund. Insofern versteht sich Dreck weg! als einfach zu erlernendes und zu spielendes Spiel.

Strategy & Randomness

The random aspect is that the players do not know what they will find when cleaning a city field, because the pieces are so drawn from the bags.

Look and Feel

The various town fields allow the setup of an ever new townscape. In the present version attractions from the city of Mönchengladbach are also involved as well as various companies / sponsors. The wooden figures are suitable for the sustainable theme.

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