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News & Reviews: Area 51

by Sezgin Güven

Here you will find all the contributions, reviews, videos and information about Area 51 published by external sites, magazines and newspapers.

Seth Brown hat tested a prototype of the game. You can read the review here.

review by Seth Brown

review by Chris Marling
review by Chris Marling

Also Chris Marling tested and described a prototype of the game, see the review here.

review by opinionatedgamers.com

review by opinionatedgamers.com

There is a review from the website opinionatedgamers.com. You can read the review here.

Here is a video review of the game by Undead Viking:

Video by undead viking

The website Het Geel Pionneke has published a review to the game in Dutch:

review by geelpionneke.blogspot.com

The following edition of this Italian game magazine contains a review of “Area 51”. The article is on page 14.

review by ILSA42

There is a review of the game on the gaming website Reich-der-Spiele (in German):

review by reich-der-spiele.de

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