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Expansion: Lignum

by Sezgin Güven

The Expansion to Lignum


Reserve Expansion


Lignum 2nd Edition

Reserve Expansion.

A mini expansion for Lignum that consists of 1 wooden disk in each player’s color and a special rules supplement. This expansion allows for more accurate planning.

Lignum 2nd Edition

You start with limited resources and labor to operate your sawmill as efficiently as possible. Smart investments and careful planning are crucial to maximize your company’s profitability. However, it’s important to be cautious because competition is fierce. You need to secure the best logging areas, make effective use of your limited temporary workers, and consistently maintain and upgrade your equipment. Additionally, you must stockpile enough firewood and food to endure harsh winter conditions.

Lignum is a strategic optimization game that faithfully portrays the 19th-century wood industry. In each game round, players venture into the nearby forest to acquire tools and hire workers. After logging, players must decide how to transport the wood to their sawmills most efficiently and whether to process it immediately or sell it, optimizing their entire processing chain.

The second edition of Lignum also includes the “Carpentry & Buildings” expansion. In this expansion, players can visit two additional locations along the supply route. Players can now acquire special buildings that grant them unique, special abilities for the remainder of the game. Additionally, players can hire carpenters to help them generate more income each round. If these carpenters are supplied with the appropriate wood, players can earn additional money at the end of the game!

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