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by Sezgin Güven

Behind the Publisher Mücke Spiele online portal www.spielmaterial.de launched in 2002, which offers the world’s largest assortment of items on the topic of game development at the time.


In addition to an extensive selection of individual materials and accessories (pawns, dice, hourglasses, maps, boxes, stands, bags, pawns, counters, play money, etc.) we also offer very individual solutions (special game pieces, creating playing cards, game boards, dice with private overprint etc.). The customer structure is accordingly diverse. In addition to game designers and players there are also schools, speech therapists and companies from all economic sectors (key word: advertising games).

Although the majority of customers naturally come from the European Union, inquiries and orders also come in from all over the world: USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, etc.

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